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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Find Your Balance

Would you like help with your personal life? 

Psychotherapy can help you really listen to and trust yourself.  You will gain insight to help you understand what you need so you can make better choices, develop healthy personal and professional boundaries, and sort through challenges you are facing.  

Have you tried many different approaches but still feel stuck?

Family Systems Constellations may help you discover generational issues you may not be aware of that are arising in your present life. This approach can help lift generational barriers created by previous struggles in your ancestral line that can keep you entangled and prevent you from moving forward.  

Are you looking to thrive in your current organization?

Professional Development Coaching can improve your communication skills and develop your self-awareness so that your words and actions best reflect your intentions. Building better relationships with colleagues, supervisors and staff will enhance the quality and satisfaction of your work.  You can also determine how you want your career to develop over time both in your current organization and in future ones.

Are you trying to find the right balance in your life?
It's often beneficial to blend therapy and coaching to balance your personal and professional life and enhance stability for yourself or with your spouse or partner. Sometimes it's unclear whether the issue is work or personal.  This blended approach differentiates my practice and helps to bring balance to your whole life.


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